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    Independent Contractor

    I am getting ready to attempt to be my own boss in travel nursing. I have been traveling for a company for a little while and feel that i can manage the business aspect of it so why not cut out the middle man. I am interested in trying to find a blank contract, or what should be included in the contract between the facility and me, the RN. any help would be appreciated, i have seen a lot of web sites offering to sell similar products but i am trying to do research to cut down on start up and overhead costs.

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    Re: Independent Contractor

    I have one if you are interested please email me privately

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    Re: Independent Contractor

    Hello NCET,

    Tammie Mericle sells a manual that details how to get started as an independent contractor, her contact information is:

    Mericle RN Staffing LLC:"Add a brighter future to your nursing career and enjoy the many advantages of the Independent Nurse. Cut out the “ middle man” and get the financial freedom that you deserve. Why do you need a per diem agency or travel company? You do the work so get the pay! Independent Nurse Contractor is fast becoming the number one Nursing Career Choice. Enjoy Increased income, Increased choices as to how often, when and where you work, increased Professional Autonomy and best of all Increased Job satisfaction."<br>
    Tammie Mericle
    Mericle RN Staffing LLC
    9161 Grove Road
    Bluffton, Ohio

    She can get you started in the right direction and point out potential pitfalls to avoid.

    Hope that helps.


    Andrew Lopez, RN
    Nursefriendly, Inc. A New Jersey Corporation.
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