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Thread: I really need Advice please help!

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    Unhappy I really need Advice please help!

    well here,s the deal I got myself in trouble. Three years ago I was arrested for possesion of a narcotic(small quantity of cocaine) I was not employed at that time ,The District attorney rejected the case and dismissed all criminal charges. I voluntarily started CA meetings I thought everything was fine until I got a letter from the Board of Vocational nursing almost 2 years after this incident saying that i would be facing Disiplinary action. Well I attended a hearing and the decision is that I attend 12 step meetings and do random testing Okay fine.The real problem Im facing is informing my current and future employers of my Status. I feel that when I made the stupid decision to get high I was not even employed as a nurse ,I put no Patient in danger I have never taken Narcotics at work ,never came to work High In my mind these were two diffrent worlds. Well I learned a painfull lesson(they are not) Will I lose my job eventhough I have been on my current job 2and a half years I have excellent evaluations . The California nursing board is requiring that I disclose not only what I did but also a lot of excess personal information.having to do with my personal life .What can I do ? I am truly clean and Sober today. Will anyone ever hire me ? I would deeply appreciate any feedback I can get GOD Bless!!!!!

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    Re: I really need Advice please help!

    Wow! First of all thank God you were not prosecuted and secondly honesty is the best policy sooner or later your employer will find out and it's best if they hear it from you! Don't know to much of Cali law but wish you the best and I do hope everything works out DON'T ever let it happen again you proably won't get off so easily the next time.

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    Re: I really need Advice please help!

    Thank you for your encouragement. And has any one ever heard of an informal agreement between the nursing board and a nurse where they keep the situation private contingent on you going to meetings and urine testing?

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