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Thread: Need a nurse expert to testify

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    Need a nurse expert to testify

    I am searching for a nurse to be a testifying expert in the greater Portland Oregon area- the case involves cognition/mental status issues.

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    Lightbulb Re: Need a nurse expert to testify

    Hello, this Findlnc or Find Legal Nurse Consultant. Check Legal Nurse Consultant | Find Legal Nurse Consultant for an expert witness. There are 50 something listings, each with a web page that explains their expertise.

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    Do you still need a nurse to testify?

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    Re: Need a nurse expert to testify

    Although I'm not on anyone's official list, I am an=] Board Certified Psychiatric nurse and an ARNP also in Psych. I have many years experience in working with the frail and confused elderly, and have done many assessments for cognitive issues.

    email me for anyother questions

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