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Thread: Which part of your job triggers stress?

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    Question Which part of your job triggers stress?

    Which part of your job triggers psychological stress disorder?

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    Re: Which part of your job triggers stress?

    Nursing can be stressful, no doubt about it. However, I'm finding that it doesn't have to be. I've begun practicing the Law of Attraction in my nursing career and the results have been amazing.

    I'm asking the universe for what I want and it is delivering. I have so much less stress. On a couple of occasions, I found myself checking my med. sheets again in the afternoon just to see if I missed something! That's right. I have time on my hands people! Unheard of on the busy med/surg unit that I work on.

    I write about my adventures with the Law of Attraction in my nursing career at my blog. Take a peek. I use a specific system that is extremely effective. BUT, you have to be willing to ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!

    Of course you can apply it to anything that you want. Vacations, houses, cars, relationships, marriages, jobs, family, a new wardrobe, a new pair of shoes, the perfect dog (or pet) for you...anything at all. resent:

    Have fun with it!

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    Re: Which part of your job triggers stress?

    Well, in the TICU and the NeuroScience unit, I am constantly dealing with patients in CVS deteriorating to clinical brain death. The hardest thing I have to deal with is explaining to a family that their loved one is essentially gone, and that the responses they are seeing in the patient are non-purposeful. There is nothing worse to me than that. You just have to be kind hearted and make sure never to lie or give false hope to a patient's family.

    As far as on the Chopper/Ambulance, I would have to say the most stressful moments involve children who are DOA, or teenagers in car accidents.
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