Outcomes, Inc., is the national leader in healthcare data retrieval and analysis. From our offices in Florida and Kentucky, we support operations in 48 states and on both sides of the Atlantic. Because we are growing rapidly, we have a high demand for reliable professionals with healthcare experience.

You will spend your time visiting physicians’ offices and performing reviews of medical records for various projects and studies, then scanning and uploading certain portions of the charts (e.g., progress notes and diagnoses).

We will make your job easy by providing you with a personal scheduler to help you plan your daily activities—we will make all of your appointments to make your days as efficient as possible. We will also provide you with state-of-the-art equipment (including laptops and scanners) for scanning charts and transferring files to disc and/or to our secure file transfer site on the web. Finally, we’ll hold your hand throughout the process by providing 24-hour IT support.

We pay competitive wages--$4.50 per chart (scanned and uploaded). The average field reviewer scans and uploads 7 charts per hour. Upon completion of the project we will give a $.50 bonus per chart uploaded during the entire project if there were no provider complaints 0 unexscused absences and 100% accuracy. We will also provide training in the use of our laptops & scanners and additional training regarding the records to be copied. We will also provide HIPAA training.

Job Requirements:

• Strong computer skills and familiarity with MS Windows.
• Reliable transportation and a valid driver's license.
• Ability to maintain complete confidentiality of patient health information.
• Excellent customer service and communication skills.
• Ability to carry a scanner and laptop from site to site.
• Availability Mon-Fri 8-5 for the duration of the project (some exceptions).

Qualified candidates should submit a resume and brief cover letter to Brandy via e-mail at bdemicco@outcomesinc.com .

In a recent survey, 83% of our employees reported that our company’s culture and work environment was better than their former employers. Outcomes, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer.