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Thread: Anyone deal with O'Grady Peyton?

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    Re: Anyone deal with O'Grady Peyton?

    Quote Originally Posted by HeyFraydo View Post
    O'Grady Peyton is one of a group of companies with the Parent company being American Mobile not Cross Country.


    OMG IF they're part of AMN thats WORSE!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by desertangelrn View Post
    I dealt with them in the past. Did not like them. My experience was negative. I was in Europe and was looking to return to US on travel assignment. I am American trained nurse, and did not need to sit the boards or apply for a green card. So processing me to return to the US would be easy. At that time I had eight years experience in both the US and Europe. They did not give me a travel assignment stating I had not enough experience.

    At that time I felt they were only looking at foreign nuses, so they could offer crappy pay and hold control over the nurses because of the work permits. Many foreign nurses end up having to sign up for 18 to 24 months because of the process of sitting the boards and the work permits. When nurses complain they are reminded in no certain manner that it was OGP that got them the work permits and leaves the Nurse thinking they (OGP) will pull their sponsorship.

    Ok that was over 6 years ago and I never posted my experience because at that time I had only my experience and opion. Last year I was on assignment where there were a lot of travel nurses at the facility. These travel nurses were placed there by one of AMN companies which includes OGP. (Please note OGrady Peyton is part of AMN services the following are companies that are part of AMN : O'Grady Peyton, American Mobile, NursesRx, Nurse Choice, Prefered Healthcare Staffing.)

    Having talked with nurses particularly Nurses from abroad that were placed by OGP all were not happy with OGP. Many complained of crappy housing. One nurse who traveled from abroad (who had their Green Card) when pushed issues with recruiter was told that she needed to remember she was here on a temporary visa and she needed to remember who sponsored her. She reminded her recruiter that she had her own papers and it was not OGP that sponsored her. Heard simalar complains.

    So I guess my experience and my conclussion was correct.
    My wife who is a nurse an American and American Trained applied to OGP while in Europe 10 years ago they told my wife the same thing that she did not have enough experience. We also met many Nurses 5 years ago who where brought to the US by OGP that expressed concerns also you quoted the same a nurse who already had a Green Card and how OGP gave the guilt trip about who sponsored them. Heard the same from a nurse. Your conclusion is correct

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