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Thread: Let's get started!

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    Re: Let's get started!

    Thank you for the site. Very helpful.

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    Re: Let's get started!

    Hey everyone.I graduated last year, have worked in a couple of nursing homes as a night charge and day charge nurse, but have just started working as a maternal/child nurse. This means I do labor, delivery, maternity, nursery, and pediatrics. I have just begun but I am being oriented mostly at first to peds and I love it. I must admit some of the cases are pretty sad, but I love my job. Glad to meet you all

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    Re: Let's get started!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mom-n-More View Post
    Hi! My name is Michelle and I've been a peds nurse for 7 years. Actually, one of my years was as an ER nurse, so I guess that means 6 yrs of peds. There are no posts here. This just can't remain completely empty like this. Where are the peds nurses? Let's talk! The ER nursing forum has lots of posts. I know they have a lot of weird stuff to talk about, but so do we. RSV season is upon us now and we're seeing a lot of that.

    Hi Michelle, it's Cindy. Can't believe I found you here, but it has been so long since you posted that you probably won'tsee this. Hope all's well. I need to talk to you soon. Later, ex St.M's peds nurse, Cindy

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