I have no idea where to post this but it is medicine related. I am from georgia. I have been LPN for 2 years now and work at a urgent care clinic. Well, in the end of december my step-son came for a visit and he was taking some prescriptions medications. Some of the same one we just so happen to have at work so I asked a provider is I could have some samples to give him to help with cost. My husband filled out the papers to go into his chart allowing consent of treatment and the provider documented that she was giving these samples for him. Well, here in feb. my husband was paying on some of his son's medical bills and I wrote at the bottom of these bills that we gave two samples and that if they needed anymore to let us know or to let us know if any other medicine was needed that I would see if we could get them. Well, the ex's mother, who has been an RN for 25 yrs confronted me yesterday saying that I needed to stay out of the child support issuse cause she had me. She has my handwriting saying that I was giving out medicine and that it was illegal. She kept instructing me to stay out of the child support issue cause that she had me and could get me in trouble with the board of nursing. Does anyone have anythong thoughts on this issue and if there is something that can be done? This lady was very rude continuesly cussing me as well as her 12 or 13 year old boy who was threatening to beat my M.F. A$$ even stating he did not care if I was pregnant. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.