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Thread: 'Strange' ER visits

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    Re: 'Strange' ER visits

    Good lordy! Thanks folks! This thread is getting pretty interesting. I know it wasn't originally meant to be 'funny', but still.....

    I can understand the tampon bit. Slightly different types meant, though.

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    Talking Re: 'Strange' ER visits

    We service a large rural area and phone triage out of ER alot...

    Some of the crazy ones include:

    "What should I do when my husband gets food poisoning from eating a buffalo wing cold... like out of the fridge, he didn't rewarm it."

    "When I pinch my nipples really, really hard...they hurt, what should I do?"

    "My HIV test was negative, but do I still have AIDS?

    Called to complain of vaginal pain, when asked if they were sexually active the reponse was "no, I just lay there"

    We get tons of these... they make the night shift so much more fun!!

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    Talking Re: 'Strange' ER visits

    I had this 47yom come into to the ER with the end of a toilet cleaning brush up his a$$. Oh did I mention the side that was up in there had the hook on it. When we were finally able to get it out he asked for it. When we asked him why he said he was "gonna beat the ***** with it that stuck it up there".

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    Re: 'Strange' ER visits

    You name it, and I have seen it come in the ER. I really do not think there is anything I have not seen so far. Or have I just seen to much.

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    I'm sitting here cracking up at how random each senario is! haha I can't wait to get in the hospital and experience these rediculous stories first hand!!

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