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Thread: The College Network?

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    The College Network??

    Does anyone have experiance with the LPN to RN program through The College Network (Excelsior College) that would help me decide how to advance to RN? All input greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: The College Network??

    AVOID the college network. I joined over 4 years ago and I still don't have my RN. I have been lied to and drained financially. They lie in the seminar. The "study guides" do not prepare you for the tests. I had to buy additional study materials. The college does not endorse them. Once you finally enroll in the college there is a long waiting period for clincial, while you continue to pay annual fees. I wish I had never done this program. Please, take my advice and don't sign up. You'll regret it.

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    Re: The College Network??

    I know people using the college network for the ISU LVN-RN program. They have no complaints. Many people are against the college network because their learning modules are expensive. My advice is to do your owm research and actually speak to a representative from the college network.

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