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Thread: Morale in your facility/work place

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    Re: Morale in your facility/work place

    I agree with many of the above post. I really do think that we all contribute to the emotional state of our workplace. If we could all just do what "Mamma" said, "Do unto others and you would have done unto you." <grin>

    I find that it is not hard to get sucked into a "whine" and "cheese" mode. Complaining can be contagious.

    Some things I do, and appreciated from others....

    1. AVOID gossip OR the appearance of gossip at all cost. If you have time for it, you aren't busy enough. You never have to whisper if you are being positive.

    2. Praise you coworkers when they do something well or are helpful. We all can dish out criticism, but we often forget the praise.

    3. If their is an awards program at your place of work, nominate your coworkers so their good works get appreciated.

    4. Try to be friendly. In my opinion, the number one thing that makes me happy at work comes from friendships with my coworkers. It is nice to know that they have your back and you have theirs in case you need help.

    5. If you have a slow day, ask people if they need help before you enjoy the down-time. Don't make those calls or surf the net if you have another nurse working her tail off, right next to you.

    6. Be up front and honest with your management and ask that they do the same for you. Morale can quickly be decreased if you start having an "us against them" attitude. All it takes is a sense that you are being manipulated and resentment will begin.

    Well, there ya go. My life would be so much easier if EVERYONE, including me, could follow this ideal 100&#37; of the time. <grin>

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    Re: Morale in your facility/work place

    Quote Originally Posted by kararnmi View Post
    What I've found in my hospital is it's all in the presentation that your floor/unit manager gives to upper When you discuss this with her/him give them quotes of studies done in say magnet hospitals where the ratio's and staffing our adequate.
    I DO work in a magnet hospital and our ratios ARE good (5 patients to 1 RN)'s STILL brutal.

    The pace is the killer. As soon as you d/c a patient (under five minutes for sure) you get another patient. I think it's BECAUSE we are a Magnet hospital that we're sooooo busy!

    The tower I work in is brand new. It was NOT designed by a nurse...there are 3 nurse stations and sometimes you get a split assignment and you're on two stations! The rooms (as in "your patients!") can literally be 200 yards away from you. We've had nurses wear pedometers and they are literally walking 7 to 10 miles a shift. It seems what they took away by giving us decent ratios, they made up for it by making the rooms sooooo far apart????

    MOST of our nurse assistants DON'T do accu-checks! Yikes!

    I agree with your points, however, that you've got to offer solutions along with your complaints and DATA is all powerful!!!

    Believe me, my "wish list" included tons of solution-oriented suggestions...we'll see!

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    Re: Morale in your facility/work place

    More thoughts on this subject,

    We joke around with each other a lot.
    We inquire as to how the day is going for each other as much as possible.
    We vent to each other a lot.
    Whoever is done or caught up with their work at different periods of the day will offer to help others who aren't (it's rare but it happens).
    We have potlucks in the breakroom at least once a month.
    We actually like each's the way the floor is set up (Brand new tower - NOT DESIGNED BY A NURSE!) and the PACE that's brutal!

    We actually have a pretty supportive atmosphere among us (the staff nurses) but there is a disconnect between what's realistic for us to keep up with (to provide quality patient care) and what the management expects of us...

    I recently had a "Nurturing the Nurses" potluck at my house not too long was nice. small but was a chance to relate to each other WITHOUT THE STRESS!

    I'm gonna have another one soon!

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    A simple thank you and a good work from a supervisor is already enough to boost our morale in my facility! And whenever an error is made, one is reprimanded privately rather than being scolded in front of co workers…

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