Hola! For several years my husband and I have talked about relocation to Alaska. If nothing else, I'll go to TRAVEL NURSING and check it out for a few months at a time. I realize AK is rural and I'd like to stay in small hospitals. I was thinking about Ketchikan only because the temp seems milder than the area to the north. Is that correct??

I currently work in a small hospital and cover 3 areas (ER/OB/MS). In order to make the transition smoother, I'd like to be prepared for nursing in AK. Are these 3 areas the best route to continue on for small town nursing? What sort of things should I be prepared for? How is housing? I'd like to live out from the hub-bub of town, but not so far out that I get stranded. Need some elbow room if you know what I mean.

Any suggestions or comments welcome.