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Thread: Happy Spring Semester, 2008!

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    Re: Happy Spring Semester, 2008!

    Quote Originally Posted by Toddy View Post
    Congrats on surviving another one, piecebypiece.
    I've been pretty happy with my progress so far. Still waiting on one test score to come back but I think it should be ok. Busy week with all the tests and skills checkoffs. Next week should be just as busy and the week after that and come to think of it, ever week after that!!!:33:

    It'll be ok though. Enjoyed playing hookey from the books this past Saturday. Had some unexpected free time today, though and I'm making up for Saturday with it. Best get back to the grind. Less than 30 days to Spring Break!! Yippeeee!!!- Toddy
    Good deal! Your course load looks heavier than mine, but then again I don't really know what's happening until the day before it's due :confused:

    That is why I am now making a commitment to update my planner and actually look at it everyday! I missed out on something that I should've turned in this morning, and I really hate flying by the seat of my pants even though that's the usual order of business for me.

    Yeah, I don't think I'm going to get to relax til Spring Break either. But right now the only thing I need to be worrying about is my next Med-Surg test on Monday. I really wish I was one of those people that could call in sick to work this weekend

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    Re: Happy Spring Semester, 2008!

    Wohoooooo!! One semester down! I am 1/5th a nurse!! Woohooo!! Ok, I know that's silly and there's plenty more to go but boy did it feel good to finish that up. Classes for 2nd semester start Tuesday...back to the same ol' same ol'!

    Hope everyone did well!!

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