Hi Guys,

I am Allan and is currently working as a nurse recruiter for JUNO HEALTHCARE here in the Philippines. We've been in the healthcare industry for 5 years now and is one of the leading healthcare institutions in the US. At the moment, we have 6 satellite offices (NY, NJ, CT, AZ, CA - San Diego and Los Angeles) in the US with our main office in New York.

With the growing number of contracted hospitals and facilities concurrent with the growing demand of healthcare professionals, JUNO Healthcare is looking for RN's, LPN's/LVN's, CNA's and even PT's who's currently working in the US and would like to work on A regular, part time, travel and even per diem assignments.

I'll be leaving soon for Connecticut this coming April as a recruiter for one of our satellite office.

Guys, if you know of someone from Connecticut who want to avail of our great salary package for our nurses, you may contact me at this number (323) 208-3770 or you may also log in to JUNO Healthcare Staffing System, Inc.

Thank You...