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Thread: Moving to Ohio

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    Moving to Ohio

    I currently have over 4.5 years of recovery. My contract with the state I am in currently will be completed in June of this year (total of 5 years). I was charged with a felony but it was reduced to a misdemeanor conviction because I had no priors. I have been completely compliant with my agreement and have been blessed to have no relapses. I am hoping to move to Ohio this summer to be closer to family. Does anyone have any experience with the Ohio Board of Nursing??? I would appreciate any information or words of advice.

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    Re: Moving to Ohio

    Well my dear i live in ohio and let me tell you it depends sometimes the obn can be judge and jury but they are usually more likely to give you what the last state gave you. Also employers here are sometimes reluctant to hire someone with a record misemeanor , take my word for it i have one for a dui 1st offense and scared to turn it in to the obn guess i will wait untill renewal time when i have no choice. Congrats on your recovery that is awesome. I also have a prior discipline for a one time marijuana usage also had a consent agreement, completed it with flying colors, but facilities were real reluctant to hire me while on restriction. good luck.

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    Re: Moving to Ohio

    Dear Volsfan,

    Is it possible you could delay your move until you finish the current program you are in? I think it might be well worth your time to wait and make your move with a clean slate.

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