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Thread: Any Boarding School nurses out there?

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    Any Boarding School nurses out there?

    If do you manage the "unseen" illnesses like nausea, vomiting, headaches? We want to believe the students but are getting burned too often - seeing students who were "so sick, so nauseous" eating full meals at lunch and dinner when no one who was really ill would/could be doing that. Generally we confront them but by then they've already had time to rest and missed classes.

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    Re: Any Boarding School nurses out there?

    That's quite tricky. Telling the students to take the medicine in front of you might sound too pushy (just to prove that they're really sick). If they still haven't seen the point and the weight of going to a boarding school, then might as well let them be. They missed classes -- it's not your fault. Maybe the best way to teach them a lesson is to report directly to the professor about the students' absence in spite the fact that they're well and not sick. :nurse-angel:

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