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Thread: hospital based OR RN training programs

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    hospital based OR RN training programs

    I am looking to find out if anyone is running their own in-house based RN traning programs for the OR. If so please contact me at
    I am trying not to reinvent the wheel here. Thanks all and hang in there.

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    Re: hospital based OR RN training programs

    This Nursing Spectrum article can provide you with a few leads:

    Partnership in OR Training Mary Raju Cole, RN, MSN:"Scalpel, retractor, syringe, suction, suture," - the voices and commands of an operating room (OR) in action. Some nurses have always wanted to work in this setting. If you are one of them, Mercy Medical Center and Molloy College may have the right program for you!" A new nursing shortage is right around the corner," says Pat Gilbert, RN, BS, assistant director of human resources/nursing at Mercy Hospital Medical Center. "We are already seeing telltale signs in the critical care units, and even more so in the operating room," she adds."

    Andrew Lopez, RN

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    Re: hospital based OR RN training programs

    Duke University Medical Center traines new to the OR nurses if you are willing to sign a two year contract.

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    Re: hospital based OR RN training programs

    Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston provides OR internships for all levels of nurses (new grad or old hand). When I originally signed on it was a promised 9 month program which quickly got shifted to six...and quicker as the staff dwindled.
    It's the best thing I ever did because if you work at a trauma center you can work anywhere. I strongly suggest internships in any specialty for new grads.
    Realize it's a learning experience and I'll admit I wasn't worth a hoot for about a year. I stopped having indigestion every night after six months.
    Sometimes it's trial by fire...not the best way to keep employees but the best way to remember what you learn!
    All they ask is a year of work in return but they really aren't strict with it. Most of my intern class moved onto greener pastures within 8 months. It's all about your view of a committment. Good luck!

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    Re: hospital based OR RN training programs

    PinnacleHealth Systems in Harrisburg, PA provides OR training to RNs who are interested. It should take 9 months but for me it only lasted 6 because they needed staff. Definitely the best thing that I did. Not for everyone, though. People must be able to learn by doing not by reading because looking in a book will not help when a surgeon is asking for specific things(Unless it's a map of where to find everything in the storeroom).

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    Re: hospital based OR RN training programs

    I am looking for an OR training program. I have been an RN for 4yrs, but unfortunately only focused on Home health because of the flexible schedule.Now I am finding it soooo hard to get back into a hospital since I am not a new grad...any ideas???

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