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Thread: Nclex Rn

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    Nclex Rn

    Dear friends,

    Am a nurse completed my Nclex successfully. Am waiting for posts from those who are preparing to do their nclex and those who completed it successfully with their views and tips.

    Similarly, am also interested to help others in this aspect.

    Expecting more responses soon.

    With regards,

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    Re: Nclex Rn


    I am Sirisha from India. It has taken an incrediable amount of effort to find out a Good forum like this. Planning to Prepare for Nclex Exam for a Bright carrer in Nursing.

    It's from scratch i need to start the preperation.

    I downloaded Couple of Review Books Ex:- Sunderams,Kaplan,Moby's But they aren't helping me either.

    Could You please suggest the core course materail...Which i should initally look in to? to Make it clear i don't want to look in to Q&A reviews directly i need some theory to go through.

    I was eagerly waiting for a Great Responses. I would be really thank full for The Wonderfull support.


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    While browsing the web, I saw a site that says NCLEX-CAT simulator. Does it really feels like taking the actual NCLEX CAT? Any members here who were able to take some test on that site?

    Saw it here

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