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    Hi all,
    I'm a new nurse, I just graduated and passed the boards this month and was hired directly to an MICU unit. I love the unit and the training for a new nurse is 6 months long. While I love the unit and hospital I work at, I don't appreciate the state as much. I was wondering what is a good length of time I should work before I can transfer to another MICU unit and be comfortable practicing. I know everyones skill level is different, but is there a general rule that I should know about?

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    Re: New Nurse

    on passing boards!

    Sorry, I am the LAST person to advise on when to transfer. Doing the LTC bit here. As for the state...doubt you'd want to be where I am....cold and damp! Am sure someone else better qualified would be able to help you, though.

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    Re: New Nurse

    I know this is several months after you posted, but if you are still watching for a reply... Most nurses will feel more comfortable about a year after coming off of orientation.

    With one year of experience you can easily move to another state (if you want to move permanently) or can start travel nursing (if you want to have some variety)

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    Re: New Nurse

    I would let your preceptor/educator know your weaknesses and strenghts. It will give a more guided and focus learning on things you need more so than others.

    No, not I know it all, but, I feel comfortable and would like more on this or that....
    All the best.

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