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Thread: Applying to go to NP school...

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    Re: Applying to go to NP school...

    Quote Originally Posted by SoldierNurse View Post
    Hope you get accepted!
    Thanks! I should find out in the next couple of weeks. I sure hope this is a good decision. For some reason I don't feel great about it. I have a 2 1/2 year old and I'm so worred that I'm going to be putting too much stress on myself trying to get a Master's, work full time and raise a toddler. I keep telling myself that "this too shall pass." We will see how it goes!

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    Re: Applying to go to NP school...

    Well, you can look forward to a 7 day a week commitment, with several research papers due weekly, as well as around 100 pages or so of reading nightly; not to mention clinical engagement.

    Graduate Nursing School is not for the faint of heart; nor for one who intends to have a social life.
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