I am a old Nurse who worked for the same community hospital for years and so have many of my colleaques. we wer bought by a for profit, who has devasted morale and changed many of our benefits. In NC the only right without a contract that you have is to stay, and accept it or leave. No one in this facility that reads the NC NPA, will be lying if they say they stay within the NPA for every pt, every time on every shift that you work. We have had education money taken away, attempt of salary capping all benefits were changed drastically. They will pay agency, and negotiate to buy contracts allowing the new Nurse to write a contract,sign on bonus (we all know this is a corp ploy to get you in and make you feel like this is your comfort zone, by the time you actually recieve the money. MY 20+ years is worth nothing to them, and if you are smart enough to read the internet, and see What the CEO's make, then you are targeted. Will we as Nurses in NC stand up and fight to keep this a profession? (since it will us in front of the NCBON swearing that we did follow each guide line of the NC NPA, for each patient on each shift,) and we hold a moral responsibility to ourselves as well as our pts, and licensure that we have all worked so hard for? So What's up NC? Where is our voice? IT is not in the NCNA, We want to get something for the direct pt caregivers voice to be heard!! We are leaving the bedside in droves!! Look at what nursing stats are in California for nurse's working for the same company, with the same acuity of patients. Does the citizens, for whom we claim will do all of these things for in the NPA, have to ulitimately pay the price? LET ME KNOW NC< WILL WE STAND FOR US< AND IN TURN,PROTECT THE CAREER THAT IS NURSING, A PROFESSION. NOT JUST A JOB! iN TURN WE WILL BE PROTECTING EVERY ONE WHO LIVES OR IS DEALING WITH HEALTH CARE IN NC!!