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Thread: Can I Still Be A Registered Nurse???!!!

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    Can I Still Be A Registered Nurse???!!!


    I am a 21 year old male living in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I am one month from taking the NETS. If want to enter into the Luzerne County Community College Nursing Program for which I will receive an Associates Degree in Nursing and am eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.

    BUT I have a criminal record which shows a misdemeanor for small amount of marijuana/paraphernalia possession from 2 years ago. I cannot get in front of a judge and ask for it to be expunged yet AND I was not a minor when it happened.

    What is going to happen to my plans?

    (any information is helpful, if someone could include websites or phone numbers to call I would be so grateful.)

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    Smile Re: Can I Still Be A Registered Nurse???!!!

    I'm about 90% sure that you aren't allowed to have a criminal record, however, if you were convicted as a juvenile you may be able to have your record expunged or you could apply for a pardon from the state. Hope that helps!

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    Re: Can I Still Be A Registered Nurse???!!!

    i think is some states there is system to allow you to get your license - But you will most likely have to submits letters re: your character and proof that you have been through some kind of rehab and recovery. I understand PA is a very Tough state for these kind of things so don't lose heart.

    Peace and Namaste


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    Re: Can I Still Be A Registered Nurse???!!!

    You will have to check with your particular state's board of nursing. Each one is different.
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