Hello fellow nurses,
I am an educator with a Nurse Refresher Program that assists nurses with re-entry into clinical practice and obtaining re-licensure. Our office is in Stafford, a southwest suburb of Houston, TX and we teach in several other cities in Texas as well as have a Correspondence Program. We offer the courses required by the Board of Nursing and have been doing so for over 8 years. We are a Texas Worksource and DARS provider for those in need of financial assistance to return. Clinicals are available at multiple sites so call us for information to get started. 281-313-7437 (local) or 877-313-7437 (toll free), visit the website at Welcome to PHES Online! Your online source for Nursing & Remediation Courses! or e-mail at phes@windstream.net.
Yes, you can return to practice. Stay encouraged.
Yvette Cheeks RN, BSN
Professional Healthcare Education Service Inc.