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Thread: seeking advice clinical nurse specialist

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    seeking advice clinical nurse specialist

    I am graduating in dec and want to go on to an MS program. I am thinking of a clinical nurse specialist. So I have two questions. Where is the greatest demand for them? I live in Idaho and my instructors say that there is not much of a demand for clinical nurse specialists in Idaho. Also I am thinking of specialising in renal. Is this a high demand field? In what field is the current greatest demand for clinical nurse specialists?

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    Re: seeking advice clinical nurse specialist

    Here's my links to ANCC Certification (or at least one of the posts):

    And here are the different Certifications: Certification - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC I believe Renal isn't on that list, but..... take a look here:
    Sounds like Illinois has a demand for CNS's.


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