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Thread: MedSurg Certification

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    MedSurg Certification

    Anyone taken the test for med surg certification? I am interested in doing this and have purchased the review book suggested by the AMSN.
    Any info on how and what to study or other study tools would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Med surg certification

    Hi, I'm curious about this certification, is it in addition to your license or is it some required thing? Maybe cuz I work in IOWA, but I'm not aware of what it is..........:eek:

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    Re: Med surg certification

    I'm certified in inpatient OB through NCC. It was like taking a big NCLEX just on OB all on computer. I went to a review course and purchased a review test and took the tests then reviewed anything I missed or anything I thought I'd just guessed at instead of knew for sure to see why I didn't know. The results came up as soon as the test was over. To keep the certification up you have to do CEU's in the speciality

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    Re: Med surg certification

    I would also like to find out about this certification. I just passed the NCLEX a month ago and I am looking for a job in med surge. Is this certification a requirement in order to get a job on a med surge floor or is it just a bonus?

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    Re: Med surg certification

    Go to this link:

    There you will find the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) standards for the exam -- who may take it, how to take it, how to prep for it, etc.

    ANCC has MANY specialty exams that are available to nurses. You will need to have your BSN to sit for most exams these days.


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