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    Unhappy Unprofessional behavior

    Have an issue that I would love to share and get some feedback on. Work as the only "floor RN" in LTC/Rehab facility in Texas. The only other RN's are the DON and ADON. So, one LVN gave another LVN an OTC "herbal supplement" diet/energy pill after they had clocked in. The LVN began to sweat and flush, a normal reaction to ginsing and ephedra, and someone asked her if she was ok. She said she was fine and had just taken a diet pill the other nurse had given her. The ADON overheard this and stated "I'm gonna start calling the evening nurses the "JUNKIE NURSES". This was said at the nurses station in front of patients, staff and doctors. This puts my professional reputation as a nurse in question!! They called the nurse into the DON's office to counsel her. With the door wide open and loud enough for most to hear they told her that she can not carry, bring, distribute or even have these items in her purse or car. She was obviously shaken and walked away to get to work. I went into the office and told the DON and ADON that they could not formulate a policy like that because it violated our right to privacy and providing they are OTC pills (available at any gas station) or energy drinks, that they are allowed, even by the board of nursing. If they want to dictate a policy that says it is unprofessional to discuss the use or effects while at work, that is fine, however they could not prohibit us from having them in our bags or cars or even giving them to co-workers. The facility hold no liability on this issue. If I gave someone a tampon and they developed TSS from using it, I would be no more responsible than the facility would be. Then they started questioning my sobriety because I am always happy and moving around. I told them I would be happy to take a for-cause drug screen, providing they would submit for one too. They next day, the DON asked the LVN "let me see your pupils" as if to check if she was high. The LVN said no way and walked off and the DON just laughed. This was also said in a public hallway with families and patients present. The Administrator is oblivious and I question his authority or ability to research any complaint on a local level. So we collectively wrote a letter to corporate asking them to investigate this matter and several other issues surrounding unprofessional conduct by the DON and ADON (ie smell of liquor after lunch break, mocking employees because they can't afford new scrubs or cars, intimidating employees injured on the job so they won't seek treatment or worker's comp benefits). We did not sign our names to it as we fear retaliation, but had the social worker had deliver it to the director of clinical services last week when corporate was here for the monthly QA visit. We are giving them a week to take action, and have contacted my employment lawyer to set up a meeting for next Tuesday. I am writing to the BON for clarification on OTC energy supplements and have reviewed the Nurse Practice Act regarding fitness to practice, use and abuse and unprofessional conduct by a nurse. I am so afraid that the DON will retaliate or falsely report us to the board or attempt to get us fired since Texas is an "at will" state. Have kept copies of everything, but my heart still races whenever I hear the phone ring. Would love some feedback, positive or negative. PS. This is not the first time or job she has done this at. She was fired from her last job for drinking at lunch instead of evaluating a hospital patient for potential admission. Never reported to the BON though, and is free to verbally and mentally abuse her staff now, with the full support of the Administrator, whose wife happens to be the admissions coordinator, isn't that a conflict of interest too?
    Thanks for letting me rant. Signed A worried TX RN:27:

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    Re: Unprofessional behavior

    If there are issues like this going on with administration, and possible alcohol use on the job, etc, then you need to report it to the BON....

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    What are your employment opportunities where you live? Even if you successfully ride this situation out, for what it is worth, I don't see this place as being the type of place where I would care to work. But then, if you move on, these people might move on to land at your new place of employment. That used to happen all the time where I used to live. Everybody knew everybody and reputations got around. If you are that upset over this, it might be better to start looking for a new job anyway.

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    Any update with the OP?

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