Recently, I came across a study outlining the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the Diffuse Axonal Injury patient, with no typical hallmarks of lower level cortical functioning, be they structural abnormalities of the corpora quadrigemina or localized injuries to the reticular activating pathways. In this case study, a comatose individual presenting with the above pathology was subjected regularly to transcranial magnetic stimulation, and gained minimal consciousness after about 15 sessions(Purposeful movements). However, after about 20 sessions, it was noted a general plateau in his functioning, as if to indicate a permanent abnormality in the neurons of the areas in question.

Has your unit ever expiremented with TMS? If so, what were their findings? I am trying to do a study relating the phagocytic effects of microglia with the direct activation of neurons through the TMS as a sort of protectant to the Central Nervous System as a whole in the brain injury model.