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Thread: Pay Rate 2009

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by psephone78 View Post
    ]Cross Country stinks. I've been with them for a year and I've had two assignments with them and currently going on my third. This will be my last one. I feel like I'm getting cheated out of the pay I could be receiving from other companies. Other travelers I've spoken to are shocked when I tell them the rate CC pays. I'm actually telling my friends who want to do travel nursing to take it for the travel and to expect a pay cut if they take that route. What is the difference between the equivalent and the effective pay rate. I was told I would be getting one pay and ended up with another because the first one was labeled as the equivalent and not the effective one. I've done the calculations and I will be making 2000 after taxes a month. I will not be going back to CCT ever. They are one of the lowest if not the lowest paying companies. However I've heard many good things about Cirrus and they pay for almost everything even license fee reimbursements

    I totally agree with you. I have been with them for over a decade and thinking of changing ... this tax advantage is a laugh .. during the 90's they had a similar tax advantage plan ...but based on 24 hrs (after that your pay went up to the "normal" rate) and not 36 ... even though the current one is based on 36 hr work week, the low pay rate extends to 40 hrs ... and o/t is at the lower rate ..This Tax Advntage is a CUT IN PAY!! I will be changing when my current contract is up .. sad after so many years, but I feel that I am being taken for a ride .. health care subsidy has not changed in as many years either. I feel like I am being blown off by my recruiter.

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    Question Florida rates?

    Can anyone tell me what pay rates I can expect for Southwestern or Southeastern Florida? New to traveling and hear company's rates can differ widely between individuals. I don't want to be one of those newbies taken advantage of. Thanks!

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    Can someone explain what taxed/not taxed means? Thanks

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009


    Going to do some traveling but am wondering if it would be worth it seeing the wages.

    I have over 20 years experience mostly ICU, and am at the top of the pay scale make over 32.00 hour already

    Do they pay everyone the same who travels or does experience, certifications, etc pay out more in wages?

    I really thought they were paying more in wages for travelers. Like 50 bucks/hr

    Any info much appreciated


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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    I was just recently told from RN Network about a job in Hilton Heas SC

    base rate was 20$/hr
    1200 stipened if i didnt take the housing
    245 per diem

    Are these the kind of rates that i should expect to see in this area? The recruiter told me my take home would be roughly 700+$ a week.

    I had to tell them no thanks since im makeing a good deal more then that with my current job.

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    Re: Pay Rate 2009

    Wow, these rates really stink! I'm doing perdiem work making $42/hr weekdays and $44/hr weekends. I'm starting a local 13 wk contract making the same rates.
    After this next contract I was looking to travel but wow, don't know now. Has anyone done work with Emergency Medical Solutions? If so can you provide details?

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    Free Spirit you won't find me a way from one coast or the other.Mostly Fl. NY and California
    Southeast Coast of Florida.
    Per Diem Corrections Nurse--State of Florida
    $32.00 hr.
    no benefits
    no guaranteed hours
    flexiblity in taking shifts to some degree.

    I took a few travel assignment to California from Supplemental a few years back. I took the "tax advantage" plan....ha,
    that was THEIR advantage. I'd rather go ahead and pay Uncle Sam what I owe.

    I got $1000.00 a week for expenses tax free and $11.00 an hour for 40 hours...

    Local agency nurses working with me were making $50.00 an hour so when they worked over time they made $75.00
    Yeah!! and it was in my contract that I could not turn down overtime for which they were paid the full time and a half ($100.00 x 1.5= $150.00 hr,) and I got $16.50
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    I have traveled with Freedom Healthcare Staffing since 2008 and they are amazing. I have has assignments with other companies intermittently and Freedom is BY FAR the best I've traveled with. My recruiter is Angela, 303-261-1340. Tell her Rebecca Patterson referred you. They are really great!

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