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Thread: New to Raleigh and Nursing

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    Smile New to Raleigh and Nursing

    I switched my Major in school to nursing and I need some advice.

    I got in trouble as a kid 15-16 years old, I was arrested on a "felony" but was only convicted of a simple misdemeanor. I have NO adult record, actually NO record since I have been 17.

    Do you think this will affect me in getting my license? I am 23 (going on 24 in 2.5 months) and I really desire to be a nurse. I interviewed at Hilltop Nursing in Raleigh and I may have a job there as a direct care nurse (I am hopeful).

    Does anyone know what I can do to see if this will effect me? Also, anyone know of a full time direct care position where experience is not required but will train?

    Thank you

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    Re: New to Raleigh and Nursing

    If you were not charged as an adult, your juvenile record should be sealed once you turn 18- meaning no one will have access to it...
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    Re: New to Raleigh and Nursing

    You would think...the state of Florida (Where this happens) has the WORST judicial process in America (true story, much like their school system is #48 on the best states to send a child to school to)

    So, here is what happens, after age 19 and 5 years after the arrest record is made available (even a Juvenile arrest), but the disposition is not made available (which is contradicting because you can be arrested for one thing and convicted of another). This is where it hurts me.

    I was arrested as a Felong Agg Assualt with a Deadly Weapon Domestic; however, the incident did not involve a family member, so it wasn't domestic to begin with, so that was dropped. Then while I was in detention my PD came in with a list of Pleas asking me to plea guilty to this and that, I wrote a nice little letter and put it in a envelope and told him to deliver it to the state and the Judge, which read "I will have my day in court, I don't need your pathetic save me pleas"

    Then trial comes, there was 8 charges against me, only TWO stuck, one was for violation of probation (my mom couldn't stay living in one place without being evicted, and then agg assult was dropped to simple Assualt).

    So here is what I have done: I contacted the clerk of courts in palm Beach county and I requested a complete case and disposition record of my Juvenile cases, which will show the outcome of the case. I am also getting fingerprinted and obtaining my FBI crime report (rap sheet) just in case.

    Now the only other thing that has even been on my record is traffic stuff, I was in a mixup with a few guys on motorcycles and I was charged with misdemeanor eluding, which I took a plea bargain on and they WITHHELD adjudication, that was 4.5 years ago. So other than traffic stuff nothing more...What say you?

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