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Thread: Travel to the VI

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    Question Travel to the VI

    :nurse-beer:I am from the USVI originally so horror stories:nurse-soapbox: dont scare me. I am familiar with Island life having lived on St. john for almost 20 years (bahn and raised mon!)
    What does concern me is the 2 companies that currently travel there have been bashed to heck and back on this board...
    DOES anyone have ANYTHING nice to say about trustaff? I may not even need them to place me but will need a car while i am there if i stay with a friend on the island.
    ONLY NICE things ....Cmon there has to be one story... right...?:banana:

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    Wink Re: Travel to the VI

    As of this Date I believe from my research has the best deal and support to go to USVI (St. Thomas)

    Ask for Jeff Murray


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