Hi! My name is Bri and I am a current nursing student. For an assignment I am supposed to interview an Advanced Practice Nurse.....So if anyone would be so kind as to answer some questions for me it would be very much appreciated! There are just a couple and I don't need really long answers so it wouldnt take too long.....I would really appreciate it!

So here goes:

1.) How many years have you been a Practitioner and where did you receive your education?

2.) What other roles have you worked in health care and for how long? What made you decide to change?

3.) What influenced your decision to practice where you do? (Ex: If you work in a hospital, why did you choose that over a clinic?)

4.) How have you incorporated professionalism into your role as being a nurse? Do people perceive you differently even in public when you're not working? How do you respond to that?

5.) What advice would you offer to a nursing student working to obtain their nursing degree?

6.) What advice would you offer a new grad just beginning in the nursing profession?

Thank you so much I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day