Anyone attending here? WAFB Channel 9, Baton Rouge, LA |University offers online nursing classes as enrollment numbers in the field soar

Many experts say jobs in the nursing field are safe from these tough economic times.

Some local universities have seen an increase in enrollment in their nursing programs. Southeastern Louisiana University has decided to take things a step further by offering nursing classes online. It's part of a statewide initiative called the Center for Adult Learning in Louisiana, or CALL.

Cynthia Logan teaches one of the online nursing classes at Southeastern. She and assistant professor Ken Tillman are helping RNs with associate degrees work toward their bachelors. Tillman says online classes allow students to attend class based on their schedule.

However, before making it that far, students have to do some real-life training, dealing with plastic body parts, IV bags, and much more.

Students in Southeastern's nursing program get the hands-on approach to learning. They are able to sharpen their skills on manikins that are pretty close to the real thing. This type of training gets students ready for a demanding field.

"That field attracts more people now because of the demand for a greater supply of nurses," Logan said. Tillman says people are turning to career fields with staying power. "Given the state of our economy, people are realistic in looking at professions that have job security in times of recession and this is one of those professions."

Southeastern has a steady number of students enrolling in its nursing program. So far, 50 students have signed up for the new online degree program, which is becoming very popular. "I do think job security is part of it, but I would like to think that people are motivated because they want to help people," said Tillman.

The LSU School of Nursing has seen an increase in enrollment this semester compared to last. Southern's undergrad nursing program numbers are slightly down. If you are interested in Southeastern's online CALL degree program, you can dial (985) 549-5288 for details.