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Twelve prospective nursing students attended a Navigating the Nursing Maze program Wednesday in the Fine Arts Center.

The prospective students heard several people talk about the nursing program that is offered in Huron by Dakota Wesleyan University. They also were given a tour of the facilities.

Adele Jacobson, chair of the Huron program, said the program is designed to give the potential students an idea of what it is like to attend a nursing school.

She said Dakota Wesleyan University has three nursing sites – one on the main campus in Mitchell, another in Huron and a third in Sioux Falls.

Jacobson said the Huron site has existed since 2005, shortly after Huron University closed. A total of 24 new students are accepted every fall.

The nursing program that was operated by the old St. John’s Hospital closed in 1976. In 1981 it was picked up by Huron University.

The Huron University program shut down in 2005 and was picked up almost immediately by DWU.

Jacobson said two classes have graduated already. The program offers a two-year associate degree.

Steve Ochsner, executive director of the Huron Community Campus, told the people his goal is to bring in other programs to the campus. “We are in negotiations with other colleges to bring in other programs,” he said.

Ochsner talked about the scholarship program offered by the Huron University Foundation.

He suggested that the prospective students apply for a scholarship.

Kristen Windle, admissions counselor at DWU, explained the application process and the many scholarships that are available.

If anyone has attended another college, she encouraged them to get a copy of their college transcripts.

There are two registration days coming up at Dakota Wesleyan – one on April 4 and the other on April 25. She recommended that the applicants come on April 4.

She also discussed the cost of tuition and the need to apply for as much financial aid or scholarships as possible.

Jacobson introduced three members of her staff including Janice Ford, who has been teaching in the nursing school for five years; Shannon Ladd, second year teacher; and Susie Hitch****, administrative assistant.

Six second year nursing students took the prospective students on a tour of the facilities.

A total of 28 people attended the event, including the prospective students and family members.