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Thread: Help. Relocating to Houston!

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    Question Help. Relocating to Houston!

    Soon to be RN in florida, been LPN for 3 years, plan to relocate to Houston in the summer. Any good hospitals I should look into? I want to work in ICU. I was looking at some of the Tenet hospitals and see they have multiple positions available, anyone have any information on those? How is the pay? Memorial Hermann seems like a nice hospital as well. can someone help me out.

    Greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help. Relocating to Houston!

    I relocated to Houston from Florida four years ago. St Lukes, Methodist, Memorial Hermann and Kingwood Medical Center are good companies to work for. The pay in Texas was also a few dollars higher than what Florida was paying. Check out you can view jobs, place a resume and apply for multiple jobs that's not posted on most of the regular sites for Texas hospitals. I was able to get several interviews and a job that offer relocation assistance throught that site. Good luck. Housing is also great here.

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