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Thread: Look here BEFORE you purchase any Review for the NCLEX

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    Look here BEFORE you purchase any Review for the NCLEX

    Did you know that there are thousands of dollars of Nursing Review material on the web but you have to know how to access it as it comes in all kinds of different files and downloads that you may not be aware of how to handle. My online seminar "Unleash The Power Of The Internet" will show you 1). WHERE TO ACCESS IT and 2). HOW TO USE IT. Here is a sampling of what you will get:

    All of these I have downloaded myself and yes, it really is all there!

    Please follow these instructions to sign up for the seminar that I am only willing to do live for obvious reasons:

    1) Go to my website and click on the paypal button and pay the $60.00 fee:
    Live Online Seminars from Caring 4 You . Net

    2). Please watch the wizIQ tutorial on the page and sign up for an account before emailing me.

    3) Email me and let me know that you have set up an account (this is free and will be the only way to access the virtual classroom) and tell me what time you would like to meet me online

    4) Keep in mind I need at least 3 hours advance notice

    5) When scheduling a time, keep in mind I am on Eastern Standard Time. Check the time here:
    The official US time

    5) You need to give me at least 3 hours of your time

    6) I will send you an email to let you know class is ready for you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and yes, I am so glad you found my site. These colleges and review courses have taken so much of our money that I do not feel bad about "taking back" what is rightfully ours already. This material was put up there by other people so why not take it. The World Wide Web belongs to us!

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    yeah i guess it belongs to us after we pay you 60 dollars, no thanks. you might try passing it on as I did with all my nursing text, to a student following behind me.

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    ambulance driver

    "when it matters most"

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