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Thread: CNA recertification

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    CNA recertification

    Quote Originally Posted by BooBoo27 View Post
    I've been tring to get my CNA recertified how do I go about getting it recertified?
    If you haven't worked for pay as a CNA in the last two years then most likely you will have to re-take the CNA exam. This is the way to become re-certified in many states. The usual work requirements within the 2 years prior to renewing one's certification are 8 hours of paid work as a CNA under the supervision of a RN. If you do not meet these requirements then your certification goes into lapsed status. You need to re-test. For a link to your state's NAR (nurse aide registry) where you will find forms and applications for re-taking the state exam you can go to CNA Certification and Training Information, choose CNA Registries and select your state from the map. Good luck!

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    CNA recertification

    I copied this post, in case any othe CNA's have the same question. Hope it helps!

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    Re: CNA recertification

    I think they need to phase out CNA's so that nurses have spend more time with residents. CNA's are called assistance not servants. A lot of nurses get that mixed up and think they are royalty or something like that lol.
    Some get to thinking they are to good to touch fecal matter. Not all. There are a few good ones but, most sit around ordering the aid around to do all the work so the nurse doesn't have too.

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    In the state of Iowa if you have not worked in 24 consecutive months, you are removed from the nurse aide registry & are not eligible to work as a cna. You must retake the 75 hr nurse aide course & pass both the written & skills competency exams with atleast 70% on each. Iowa is still one of the states you can challenge those exams without retaking the entire 75 hr class but still must pass both with a 70%. As skills and information is updated on a continual basis, the best choice would be to retake the class to update your knowledge & skills. Alaura, I'm sorry you have had such a negative experience with nurses. Some of us started out in the trenches just like you & appreciate & rely on cna's to help us do our jobs. Long-term care is demanding no matter what department you are in & I do agree many times there are communication & interpersonal skills that are not properly utilized with cna staff. Sometimes we don't always put ourselves in check how we might come across but, maybe you could be the one to initiate a better rapport with your nurse. Maybe a "sounds like you are having a bad day. Is there anything I can do to help?" We are all human, have personal things going on & sometimes don't know how bad we sound. Be the better person & let your nurse know you are there to support her & see how the atmosphere changes. Let me know if it works for you. Good luck & thanks for the work you do!

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    hey hawknurse!! The information of this post is very related to what I am looking for. Happy to read it!!

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