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Thread: Recovering nurse chat

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    Hello. I'm a recovering alcoholic.i also happen to be N RN . I've been looking for a group of professionals to talk with. I go to AA but would be nice to start a nursing anonymous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hppygr8ful View Post
    Sorry for the shout but wanted to get your attention - I am trying to set up a regularly scheduled chat session when we can share or experience strength and hope - anyone interested. Post here so we can get together on-line

    I have created an Nurses in Recovery Chat Room on this site and will try to hang out there once in a while. I think recovery is hard enough when you don't have to jump through BON Hoops like a trained pony - Don't get me wrong I most likely would not be alive today were it not for the Calif BON Diversion program but the early days were really hard and I think we all need someone to talk to sometimes.

    Peace and Namaste


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