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    Hi, I thought I was a seasoned traveler but well I guess this is a new one for me. I accepted a contract for an 11-11 shift with every other weekend off. This is what my contract actually reads. Here I am working 3-3am with a promise that I will be placed on my contracted shift guess when? approx 4 weeks before my contract completion. Weekend off, only one in 8 weeks and I had to fight for that. Recruiter? Writes me glowing notes of appreciation. But "we've been calling and e-mailing the hospital and everyone there is super busy and haven't returned our calls". Sure. Asked about canceling contract. Recruiter informed me they would take my travel pay and housing costs. Options I came up with: Hire an attorney which would cost more than I would recover. Labor Board: possibility they would kick it back as a civil matter, I've known of that happening before. Other traveler working there, every weekend off first schedule. 2nd schedule, every Friday off and every other weekend Fri, Sat, Sunday off. Maybe I not doing a good job. Director told me that charge nurses told her I am a hard worker who knows what I am doing. Seem very unfair to me. any suggestions? Thanks for letting me vent.

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    Re: Any thoughts???

    Oh boy, I would hunt down the nurse manager and review the contract with them. sounds like the hospital had a change in what shift they needed covered and just USED you.
    I had this happen and my company DID NOT BACK ME. I did speak with nurse manager and her response was
    " those are the hours I need you"
    I finished and dumped the company.
    Sorry to hear that. It is BREACH of CONTRACT, however.
    Take care,

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    Thanks for the support, it's a rare commodity in Nursing. I have spoken to the Director re: all provisions of the contract. It won't change and the agency won't really push the hospital. No agency wants to lose an account. They will just appease me as best as they can. I'm just dis-illusioned with travel nursing and nursing in general at the present. I'm feeling that it's a cut throat "job", what happened to profession???? It's time to take a step back and re evaluate. I appreciate your support and wish u lots of luck in your traveling endeavors.

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    Re: Any thoughts???

    I'm sorry to hear that, I had a similar experience last year on a contract, but my agency stood up to the hospital for me. The nurse manager tried to tell me that patient safety would not be foremost if they didn't place me on certain days on the scheldule, my contract clearly stated "blocked scheldule" and they wanted to work me one day, give me one day off, work me two days, etc...
    My agency did go to bat for me though, they had a phone confrence with the DON of the hospital, the nurse manager, my recruiter, the owner of my company and her lawyer...needless to say I got my bloked scheldule, but was not offered a renewal at that hospital.

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    Red face Re: Any thoughts???

    Since the manager refuses to budge, just stick it out and dump your travel company. Or you can quit the assignment if it means that much to you and you can do without the income. This is one of the pitfalls of traveling. Better luck with your next assignment with a new company.

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    Unhappy Re: Any thoughts???

    Well, it seems the hospital wasn't happy with me telling my agency that things were still not going well. I was told that I needed to do 8 hrs of continued ed for the hospital's required certification and that I would be paid 8 hrs for my time. I completed required testing June 1st. Almost 2 months later I still hadn't received my CEU certificates or pay. So I asked my company to make sure I was paid for it and that I would like to have certificates for licensure CEU requirements. Well my agency contacted the director about it and she was not happy. I also let the agency know that I still was working every weekend and not getting any breaks. Director terminated my contract with just 2 weeks remaining for just cause, "attitude". No complaints about skills or patient complaints per director. "you're not happy". No joke, talking to the director, my agency had not done me any good. Staff or travelers were downstaffed freq but hospital refused to terminate contract due to not needing travelers. The only way my company would not charge me for housing costs was under those conditions. Director stated she was losing 5 travelers and would be understaffed. Funny, they were not renewing any contracts and they are not listing any traveler needs. So, after trying to stick it out, I was terminated anyway and charged 1100.00 for remaining 2 weeks. Is it me or is it just weird how they can keep your pay for housing costs but tell you that you have to vacate apt in 48 hrs and call you 24 hrs after that conversation and ask if I'm out yet? Well if I'm paying for it what does it matter?? Ironic that I hear about how to make sure everything is right in a contract before signing but it doesn't really mean squat if hospital doesn't honor it. It appears to me that a contract is only enforceable?? on the traveler.

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    Re: Any thoughts???

    Wow- what travel company is this??? Please share so others can avoid them!
    Amanda, RN, BSN
    Ex-Traveler Extraordinaire,
    Resident Trauma Queen

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    Amanda, Thanks for the support. I will later place a travel company review. But for now, I am trying to keep a low profile re: travel agency. I will feel more secure when I obtain another position. I am also planning to write a letter to the hospital's corporate office, not to voice any concerns related to my dismissal but patient safety issues and other issues regarding treatment of patients and their families that I had documented to my agency in the last few weeks of my assignment. I still believe in being a patient advocate. I know things happen sometimes but I still ruminate about 4 incidents that were so totally inappropriate. I am hoping that no other patient or family member has that type of care again. Maybe, I care too much?

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    Re: Any thoughts???

    No, Gypsy---you don't care 'too much'. We need more like you. I hope things work out for the best, and I wish you luck.

    Keep us posted, ok?

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    Exclamation Re: Any thoughts???

    I'm not surprized that you got cancelled. The main problem here is that the Hospitals sometimes do not respect the contract and don't care and most of the companies don't care about the contract either. So of course your attitude is lousy because you were being used.I'ts normal to be upset, well sorry and move on and make sure this never happens again,,,,,,,
    I can't believe you got charged for the 2 weeks.. wow.
    I wouldn't pay it

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