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    I recently posted a thread about a hospital's breach of my travel contract. But something recently happened that made me realize what an insigificant promblem in the real world this contract is. Yes, the hospital lied to me, used me and committed fraud. I turned down another assignment based on their lies. Hey, they can only do it for 13 weeks. A co worker of my husband's who has small children has just had another surgury for a cancer that he was suppose to be totally free of. Sounds like it was a cancer that was job related. My promblem is just a raindrop in the ocean compared to that family's grief. It does not look good for him. Why I am posting this thread is to ask anyone if they have any ideas how I can assist this family?
    This man has always been kind to my family and has done numerous favors personally for me. But, I'm sitting here fulfilling my end of a contract that is many miles away from this family. That is why I am asking for any ideas on how I could show support and love for this man and his family. Thanks for any input.

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    You can send a card and write a note, which they will appreciate.
    They know you are away at work and would not expect that you can help.

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