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    college network

    I am going through college network to get my RN and I am getting ready to take the first exam, the health safety exam. Has anyone taken it and any words of encouragement. After reading many reviews, very nervous.:nurse-haha:

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    One of the best things you can do to prepare for these tests is to take the practice exams put out by Excelsior College. For $60, you get two versions of a practice exam that you take on your computer. It has been reported that some of the questions may be very similar to actual test questions. Many students swear by these practice exams. You can sign up for them on the EC website. Good luck. (And welcome to the site!)

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    Re: college network

    Hello Nursebethere,

    You'll want to read this thread on the College Network carefully before you invest any more time, money.

    It is an eye-opener.

    Andrew Lopez, RN

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