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Thread: Becoming a nurse/midwife then moving to Los Angeles

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    Becoming a nurse/midwife then moving to Los Angeles

    Hi, Im 18 and live in the UK. I have wanted to move to Los Angeles since i was little and now im really thinking about it as a opportunity. Ive also wanted to be a midwife or nurse for many years now. I wondered wether anyone could help me out. Soon i am starting a course which will give me the qualifications I need to get into my midwifery course at university. The plan was to get all my qualifications and become a midwife then move to Los Angleles with my boyfriend. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do or where to start. I would deeply apreciate it.

    Hayley x

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    Red face Re: Becoming a nurse/midwife then moving to Los Angeles

    I first took the nurse's assistant course when my husband was getting out of the military because there were jobs in the paper all the time. I have been a nurse's assistant since '92. I have wanted to be a nurse for a long time after working with nurses. I have been working and working toward an Associates since 2003 and will graduate in May 2009 with the help of God. I also took a phlebotomist course in '03. I enjoy nursing and have worked with a few good nurses and several not so good nurses. Nursing school has given me a new respect for those that I thought weren't so good.

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