Thought those of you in the UK woud be interested: Advances In Wound Care Highlighted, England

A University of Wolverhampton lecturer is organising a national conference for academics and frontline medical staff working in wound management.

Dr Claire Martin from the University's School of Applied Sciences is chairing the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) event this month.

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of pounds is spent by the NHS each year on the treatment of patient wound infections in a bid to speed up the healing process. The conference aims to provide better understanding of the problems caused by infections and their associated health implications.

The conference, titled Recent Developments in Wound Management, will take place at the RPSGB headquarters in London on Thursday, September 24 2009.

Dr Martin, Senior Lecturer Pharmaceutics at the University, said: "It is a pleasure to be chairing this conference, which will look into a real mixture of advances in wound management such as the use of silk and plant materials.

"The conference is aimed at scientists, pharmacists, academics, industry specialists and regulators and there will also be speakers with expertise in front line wound management."

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