Hi, I am new at this site. I am new with the whole process of weaning.

Im asking anyone who can help me (info to get a better understanding for me and my mom)...

My grandmother who is 80, had tripple bypass surgery due to a heart attack. She has been in the TICU for a month, and now she is in Mercy Hospital (PA) on the weaning floor (2 more months later)...

In the TICU they had her on the mask (CPAP i think). And she lasted 19 hours... than she got so tired she was on the vent for 3 days after that.
She can stay on the mask for 5/6 hours, than she gets tired (or she says she gets tired... sometimes the respitory nurses say that all her stats are ok, they dont know why she wants off...)

She has been on the vent most of the time.
They said that they are weaning her, and the other day had they told us that they had to do therosethis (spelt wronG)...which drained fluid from near her lungs (plural effusion i think.)

She said that she can breath a little better, (and i think there going to drain her more.)

As you can see, i am trying very hard to keep track of things. She is the best grandmother anyone could have. And my mom thinks she will never get off the ventilator because she has been on it so long.

Can anyone give me a better understand of these things:

Here is her information on the ventilator screen (as of today):

TOTAL VE: 12.3
%02: 45
PSV: 15
PIP: 21.0 - 22.6

And a black dot was going from Exhale to Support.,

I know ill never fully get this. but...are those pretty good Signs. They say she is weaning... is she? is that good? what should i look for For improvements.... up or down?

if anyone can help me. that would be great. its a lot of stress, expecially when you try and know what everyone says (explaning it different)... can you break it down for a dummy !