Congrats! Scoop: Wintec Masters Graduate Awarded Nurse Practitioner

One of three inaugural Master of Nursing graduates from Wintec has received Nurse Practitioner status from the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

Anna Dawson is one of just 61 Nurse Practitioners nationwide. Ms Dawson completed her clinical Masters qualification last year with her sights set on achieving nurse practitioner status after a more than 20 years in senior practitioner positions.
Currently working in chronic care management at Lake Taupo Primary Health Organisation, Ms Dawson says her practice has evolved through leadership roles in acute care settings as well as high dependency experience in cardiac care.

She began preparation for the application to the Nursing Council of New Zealand on completion of the clinical Master of Nursing degree at Wintec.

“The process required many hours of gathering evidence to meet the competency framework, Wintec’s advanced nursing practice paper assisted in gathering this evidence together. The Nursing Council process included writing a scope of practice and examples of advanced nursing practice, a journal of practice mentorship and finally a panel interview.”

Her scope of practice is Adults’ Chronic Conditions - her role with Lake Taupo Primary Health Organisation is with people who have complex chronic conditions.

“I am delighted to have achieved this after about 4 years of being focused on this goal,” she said.