I am currently completing my Leadership clinical at a hospital that is trying to develop a Forensic Unit into their Emergency Department in order to safely serve the incarcerated population that the Department of Corrections send us. I would love any advice on how your hospital was able to effectively design and implement a forensic unit. Here are some of the areas that we need information on but please feel free to share anything. Thank you so much for you time!

Interview Questions for Forensic Unit

1. ED Specifications:
1. Size of your ED
2. Number of beds/rooms
3. Self pay vs. insurance mix
4. Estimated number of patients seen per month
5. Teaching hospital/residency program
2. Why did your hospital decide that a forensic unit was needed
1. How long ago was the forensic unit established
2. How many beds does the forensic unit have
3. Type of patients seen on unit
4. Inclusive/exclusive criteria for patients on unit
3. Planning of unit:
1. Who
2. Cost
3. Outside agency support (ex: Sheriff Department)
4. Room needs related to safety
4. Staffing Model:
1. RN to Patient Ratio
2. PCA
3. HUC
4. Security (Staffed or 1:1 deputy)
5. Changes in Data:
1. Walk out rate before and after unit
2. Press Gainey scores before and after unit
3. Financial consideration (costs vs. gaines)
4. Safety data before and after unit (ex: security being called to ER)
6. Specific forensic unit policies
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