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Thread: Anatomy and Physiology Which to take first?

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    Anatomy and Physiology Which to take first?

    I imagine that Anatomy and Physiology are somewhat related and that there would be a logical order to take them. Any recommendations on which class to take first would be appreciated.

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    Most schools require the anatomy course as a prerequisite to physiology. For those that don't, it is up to you. Best to take anatomy first because it forms a basis for physiology.

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    Re: Anatomy and Physiology Which to take first?

    Can you take them together?

    At my school, anatomy&physiology is one class, 2 semesters long (A&P 1&2).

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    Hi there! In our school, particularly in nursing course, anatomy and physiology is also taken as one subject. However, in biology courses, anatomy is a prerequisite of physiology. You have to be familiar with all the structures first before moving on to function...

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    Your academic advisor will tell you what the institution requires and in what order.

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    My A+P were together also in 2 semesters.
    I would rec. you ask advisor

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