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Thread: i took my nclex

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    i took my nclex

    ****o everyone,
    i took my nclex-rn exam on 3/3/06 and i'm very , vey, very nervous about the outcome of the exam.. i arrived to the testing center 15 minutes late, i began to cry .. the people at the testing center were very patient and understanding. my exam was only 75 questions and some of the questions i recognized from the practice exams i took but i just feel like it should have been longer i have cried , prayed and cried .. can anyone give me some idea about the outmcome in your opinion??

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    Re: i took my nclex

    You can find out how you did in two bussiness days usually if your state has an agreement with Pearson Vue testing. You go to their website and pay under $10 I believe and they give you the "unofficial" results. These are the actual results of either passing or failing but they become "official" when they are listed on the BON of your state.
    The number of questions you got only means that the computer was sure with 95% certainty that you either passed or failed. The 75 questions is the minimum number for the computer to be sure. Just keep your spirits up and good luck!

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