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Thread: Nursing and psych meds Please help

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    Exclamation Nursing and psych meds Please help

    Hello my name is Kate and I'm planning to enter nursing in the fall. I've always wanted to be a nurse and am excited that my dream is coming true. but i have a worry... I've heard the medication I'm taking might prevent me from becoming part of the program. I'm on respiradone - a low dose - but none the less it is still an antipsychotic. I'm not psychotic - I take it for racing thoughts. could I be banned from a nursing program because of the medication I'm on? More importantly, will I even be able to be liscensed as a nurse if I'm taking this drug? I'd appreciate any help or info. Thank you everyone

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    Re: Nursing and psych meds Please help

    I can't answer for respiradone, however, i've been on Paxil, Lithobid, and Effexor in the the past (Paxil, Lithobid, over 10 years ago, i found out later that it was overkill for my symptoms, Effexor, a year ago), will start on Zoloft in April. I was honest about the Effexor, since i was taking it at the time, only reason i didn't say anything about Paxil and Lithobid was that i wasn't asked about past medications. The main thing is, don't lie, because then it seems like you're trying to hide something bad. So, be honest when someone asks about it, explain that you know it's used as an antipsychotic, but state the reason it was prescribed for you.
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