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Thread: Travel Partners

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    Travel Partners

    YAY, I'll start:
    Name: Matt
    Current location: KC, MO
    On assignment? Yes
    Current assignment expires: 6-12-10
    VET PRO'd Nurse? Yes

    After this assignment I am looking to do some traveling, most likely to CA, I'd love to see San Diego. I would like to have something set up by mid-May. Looking for other nurses to travel with, in my opinion this increases the fun factor and gives the opportunity for each nurse to expand their travel partner 'pool', so when the time comes to travel again you have a pool of people to call upon to make it happen.
    Send me a PM here if you would like to discuss a travel assignment.

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    Re: Travel Partners

    Just curious- what does VET PRO'd mean???
    Amanda, RN, BSN
    Ex-Traveler Extraordinaire,
    Resident Trauma Queen

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    Amanda - VET PRO is something I had to fill out to work for a VA Hospital

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