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Thread: Traveling with kids

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    Traveling with kids

    Hi everyone. I will be starting a travel assignment next month in Orlando. I will be going at it alone with my two kids. Currently I am trying to find a nanny. Do agencies give a week for this kind of thing to get set up, or will I need to set it up on my own time? Is it common to get another assignment or job in the same area after the initial assignment is over?

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    Re: Traveling with kids

    A travel company will most likely not give you an extra week to find a nanny- that will need to be done before you start your assignment, or on your own time. Whether or not your contract is extended really varies, depending on the hospital's needs, whether you are a good fit, patient census, etc. Will you be home schooling your kids?
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    Re: Traveling with kids

    How old are your children?
    I agree with Amanda, you will have to make child care arrangements before you start the assignment.

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